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Onion producers to London, Munich, Paris or Dublin...

Nearly 40 years as onion growers committed to quality
Marchite Onions is a family business founded in 1983 from its origins combining traditional farming methods, organic products respectful with the environment and a modern technology in sizing and bagging, to deliver a high quality product at a competitive price. In these years, we have created a human team that unites experience and youth, and customer service oriented.

Over 7 million kilos produced per year
Of which over 70% goes to customers in Germamy, England and Portugal looking for a product above the usual market standards and a nearby, trustworthy and profesional service.

Long experiencie as onion producers

This experience has been developed during these years in the English, German, Portuguese and French markets, mainly, which has also served to increase the quality level of

product and service of Onion Marchite with respect to the Spanish standard, to be able to access to these demanding European markets in the best conditions.

This fact has created one of the main differentiating factors of the Company, that together with a great capacity to adapt to the needs of its customers regarding onion varieties, production capacity / supply always assured, and packaging formats and modern designs that print our product a look of differentiating quality, make Cebollas Marchite in one of the most attractive producers in Europe.

In recent years, the capacity of Onion Marchite as onion producers has increased continuously and importantly every year, in order to meet the growing demand of its customers around 15% per year.

In addition, the company has spent several years devoting great efforts and resources, both material and human experimentation in the field, both new varieties of onion, as new pesticides zero residue, fertilizers and cultivation and processing activities aimed at a crop increasingly ecological and natural that ensures quality results. We are a very imporant onion exporters.

How we work with our clients?

Given the great demand that we are having in recent years and in order to assure our customers the quantities, quality and varieties of onion they will need for each season, we close specific supply agreements in advance of planting. Our customers appreciate the security of receiving a high quality product, with a competitive price and reliable service.


Different varieties of onions, pocketed formats and different brands to suit the business needs of our customers.

Cebolla de grano y medio grano - Buti

Cebolla de grano y medio grano - Bolsa

Cebolla pelada

Cebollas Marchite

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Experience years
Millions kilos of onions produced
% annual increase in sales