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Climatología favorable
If our land is characterised by anything, it is for being a land of crops and agriculture. Onions need temperate or warm climates with a dry environment in order to grow well. They need to be grown in a cool period for the plant part to develop and then have a period with high temperatures
We are kicking off the grain harvest for the new 2021/2022 season. Did you know that the onion is ready to harvest when the neck becomes soft and the leaves have completely curled over? After the whole process of growing and caring for our onions, the time has come to harvest and process them for
Here at Cebollas Marchite, we place great store in offering you a top-quality product produced through a philosophy of environmental friendliness and sustainability. We are highly committed to preserving the environment, as well as to the future of environmentally friendly agriculture. That’s why in our onion catalogue you’ll also find varieties grown using natural methods that don’t involve
The highest quality is non-negotiable with all our Onions. To be sure of it, we have four certificates granted by regional or international organizations. One is the GlobalGap certificate of our onions that unites a series of international standards that ensure benefits to producers as well as to retailers and consumers around the world. This