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Buti onions. 1 grain and 1/2 grain

Buti onions. The most demanded product

On Marchite Onions we have different varieties of bagging and presentation of the onions produced by the company (grain, half grain, red, white, sweet). But usually, the onion in buti is pocketed in format of 1 kg. Depending on the onion size requested by the customer, between 3 and 4 onions to kilo of weight, are bagged in a mesh and marked with the corresponding label of the onion brand. It is supplied palletized and in plastic or carton boxes to be agreed with the customer. The onion in buti is a format very demanded for the sale in supermarkets to the end user, who finds in this type of format an ideal size for the consumption at home. Other sizes of onion in buti can be bagged at the request of the client, both varying the total weight of the buti and the size of the onions that form it.

All our onion brands are produced and distributed under the highest quality standards in accordance with GLOBAL GAP regulations. All brands of onion produced by Marchite have been grown by the company following its own cultivation protocol, in order to ensure its maximum level of control and quality from planting, through cultivation, harvesting, calibration, bagging and distribution of the onion. Onions Marchite does not distribute onions bought from third parties, which is a differentiating value that our customers value greatly.

All our onions go through a process of calibration and positive selection, choosing only those that meet the quality standards set by the company and that our customers expect and value.

Buti onions
Cebollas marchite buti