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Here at Cebollas Marchite, we place great store in offering you a top-quality product produced through a philosophy of environmental friendliness and sustainability. We are highly committed to preserving the environment, as well as to the future of environmentally friendly agriculture.

That’s why in our onion catalogue you’ll also find varieties grown using natural methods that don’t involve the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers. As a result of this eco-sustainability-based approach, our company is certified as an agricultural producer by CPAEN. What does this mean exactly?

CPAEN certification, an environmental commitment

The Consejo de la Producción Agraria Ecológica de Navarra (CPAEN) certifies that our onions meet the European standard for environmentally friendly agricultural production. This means that the foodstuffs we produce are top quality in nutritional, health and organoleptic terms. Growing them in fields helps keep the soil fertile, and because no chemical substances are used in caring for the crops, contamination of the environment is avoided.

In environmental terms, this is sustainable because it preserves natural resources for the future and maintains the genetic diversity of the natural world. And finally, it helps encourage and promote rural development in the regions where the crops are grown.

CPAEN certification requires exhaustive checking and control of the eco-friendly product. Samples collected by inspectors in our fields are analysed by independent laboratories. This ensures they comply with the norm, thus guaranteeing traceability, quality, consistency and a product you can trust in. The ‘organic’ and ‘eco’ labels on the packaging give you the security of knowing that our onions meet all the requirements of an eco-friendly product.

In short, this is Cebollas Marchite’s environmental commitment to offering you a product that is firmly part of the growing trend towards environmentally friendly production. ¿Ready to lead a greener life?