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The highest quality is non-negotiable with all our Onions. To be sure of it, we have four certificates granted by regional or international organizations.

One is the GlobalGap certificate of our onions that unites a series of international standards that ensure benefits to producers as well as to retailers and consumers around the world. This seal is a guarantee of safe and sustainable food production.

Thanks to this label, the safety of our onions is guaranteed, as well as their traceability with respect to the environment during the production process. In addition, GlobalGap also covers the health, safety and even the well-being of the farmer.

As a Navarre company, at Cebollas Marchite we are attached to the Reyno Gourmet brand, created by the regional government. This label covers quality agri-food products, such as onions, which are produced in the Autonomous Community. It gives a differential value with respect to other foods that not only links them to our region, but also serves to give notoriety and prestige to Navarre. It is a symbol of the guarantee of difference that also promotes the great products of Navarre.

Another is CPAEN, a seal given by the Council of Organic Agricultural Production of Navarre which guarantees our environmental commitment which follows an eco-sustainable philosophy at all times. Our organic onions comply with European regulations in this area.

As well as these, there is the 5 a day Association, an international movement to which we are united because we want to influence the improvement of the eating habits of society. It promotes the highest consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. at least five servings a day in your healthy diet.

In conclusion, with these certifcates we offer you onions of unbeatable quality.