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Onion production Spain. Marchite Onions

Annual onion production of more than 10 million kilos in our facilities

Our facilities are in Fustinana (Navarra), an area known for its good climate and the strong wind called the cierzo, which helps dry the onions and conserve them in perfect condition.

Onion production has traditionally been one of the most important revenues of horticultural production in the country. This important economic flood is that for several decades it has been exporting onions to different countries of the world.
The onion is a functional food and very beneficial for health since it helps us, among other things, to prevent clots, reduce blood cholesterol and prevent the aging of the circulatory system of our body.

Producción de cebolla

Unique and modern installation for optimal production

We have more than 10,000 m2 of facilities for the storage and processing of our own annual production of onions of 7,000 tons, with a wide variety of machinery for cultivation, harvesting, peeling, sizing, hand selection, drying and refrigeration.