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Quality of service Cebollas Marchite

Asociación 5 al día

Marchite is a member of the 5 a day Association, an international movement recognised in more than 40 countries, with which we share the values of influencing the improvement of the nutritional environment of our society by increasing the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables. 5 portions a day of fresh fruit and vegetables is recommended by the scientific community for a healthy diet.

Reyno Gourmet

We also belong to the Reyno Gourmet brand, which was created by the Government of Navarre and covers quality agri-food products with certification from the region, because we believe in and are committed to Navarrese products and the quality criteria of the Government of Navarre and we consider them to be a great asset that sets us apart from the rest.

Consejo de la Producción Agraria Ecológica de Navarra

In line with our commitment to the environment and our policy of eco-sustainability and environmental awareness, we are certified by the Organic Agricultural Production Council of Navarre (CEPAEN) for organic onions.


Globalgap Certificates